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Local Matters: The Big Impact of Winchester Stroke Support Group


Social support at a local level is indispensable when it comes to health and happiness, and we believe that the small charities and community groups who make this happen deserve recognition for their unique impact. To celebrate small charities and local support services in Hampshire, we went to visit Winchester Stroke Support Group.

During Small Charity Week 2018, we went out to visit Winchester Stroke Support Group to find out how they make a difference at a local level for stroke survivors. We’d like to thank Elsie, Jenny, and all the lovely group members for inviting us to their session. Watch on to hear from the people who take part and see just a few of the activities on offer in their weekly meetings.

Local support for health and happiness of communities is essential, and is increasingly provided by non-profit groups like Winchester Stroke Support Group and their dedicated volunteers.

Disability along with health and wellbeing are the two most common cause areas of local charities and community groups, and demand for their services has increased by a staggering 81% in the last year (according to the Localgiving 2017/2018 sustainability report). Not only are they an important part of community life, but are providing services that are increasingly difficult to access elsewhere.

However, it’s clear that the positive social impact of groups like Winchester Stroke Support Group goes beyond what can normally be provided by primary healthcare. They therefore have a distinct and invaluable place in local life, and you can see what it means to both members and volunteers of Winchester Stroke Support Group.

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