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Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS) Training

MiDAS is a national scheme to enhance the driving and passenger awareness skills of minibus drivers. MiDAS is not a legal requirement but is increasingly being accepted as a ‘best working practice’. Most organisations operating minibuses like their drivers to have a MiDAS certificate. It is down to the organisation’s risk assessment and policy.

Induction courses

MiDAS offers two types of certificate:

  • Standard (for driving only)
  • Accessible (in addition to driving, this includes safely securing wheelchairs)

To be MiDAS trained, you will need to take either a Standard Induction or Accessible Induction course.

The training consists of an online theory session, followed by a separate driving assessment. Days are scheduled as follows:

Standard Induction courses

  • Day One and Two – Online Theory Sessions x2 full day
  • Day Three – 1-hour practical assessment

Accessible Induction courses

  • Day One and Two – Online Theory Sessions x2 full day
  • Day Three – 2-3-hour practical assessment

Standard Refresher courses

  • Day One– Online Theory Session x1 full day
  • Day Two – 1-hour practical assessment

Accessible Refresher courses

  • Day One– Online Theory Session x1 full day
  • Day Two – 2-3 hour practical assessment


Registration form

MiDAS Registration Form

MiDAS Drivers Guidance Information

Refresher and Induction Courses dates

MiDAS courses run on a monthly basis. Below is a list of currently scheduled courses in Fareham, along with the number of places currently available:

MiDAS Induction 2022

Community First Fareham 20th, 21st and 22nd Jun 1 place remaining
Community First Fareham 25th, 26th and 27th Jul 1 places remaining
Community First Fareham 22nd, 23rd and 24th Aug 4 places remaining
Community First Fareham 19th 20th 21st Sept 4 places remaining
Community First Fareham 10th 11th 12th OCt 4 places remaining

MiDAS Refresher 2022

Community First Fareham 27th and 28th June Fully Booked
Community First Fareham 11th and 12th Jul 3 places remaining
Community First Fareham 15th and 16th Aug 4 places remaining
Community First Fareham 26th and 27th Sept 4 places remaining
Community First Fareham 17th and 18th Oct 4 places remaining

How much do the courses cost?

Induction Course

Induction Standard £135
Induction Accessible £155

Refresher Course

Refresher Standard  £125
Refresher Accessible  £135

How do I book?

Before booking, please ensure you have checked our guidance on driver licensing for minibuses and sought any further guidance you might need. Then go to our MiDAS Registration Form page. You will need your Driving Licence to hand to complete the form. If you have any questions please contact us at or on 01730 777059. When you receive your booking confirmation email, you will be asked to send us a copy of your driver’s licence. This can be mailed or scanned and emailed.

How long does the certificate last?

A certificate is valid for 4 years and you will require refresher training by no less than 3 months before the certificate expiry date. Both Standard and Accessible refresher courses are for one day.

What about Refresher Courses?

The Refresher training involves a classroom session followed by a separate driving assessment in our minibus. Drivers can only refresh their certificate if they have a current certificate which expires no more than 3 months earlier than the date of Refresher course. Only those who hold a current Accessible certificate can take an Accessible Refresher. Otherwise you will need to re-take the certificate as a new inductee.

Is the course suitable for everybody?

Drivers must be over 21 years-old and may need to be 25 years-old for insurance purposes. A clean driving licence is preferable, though not essential. Note will be taken of endorsements which may reflect the person’s driving skills and suitability to drive a minibus. Drivers must also be able to read a number plate at 20 meters.

A car driving licence does not automatically entitle anyone to drive a minibus.

Please read our guidance on driver licensing for minibuses for details on who is and is not entitled to drive a minibus. Further information can be obtained through the Driving a Minibus on the DVLA webpages.

Are there any special requirements for Accessible MiDAS Training?

Drivers should be aware that Accessible MiDAS is likely to involve some manual handling (of minibus seats and wheelchairs) and awkward stooping / twisting (to secure a wheelchair in a minibus). The Community First Training Department accepts no responsibility for any difficulties or injuries experienced by those training in connection with the Accessible training. Drivers and their sponsoring organisations should check that learners are reasonably fit for the tasks required.

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