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Building Personal Resilence and Your Wellness

Events > Building Personal Resilence and Your Wellness


Date: 19/03/2020

Time: 09:30 - 15:30

Price (Voluntary Sector/Social Enterprise): £0.00

Price (Statutory/Business): £0.00

Venue: Spurgeon Meeting Room - Alton Maltings

This is a two day course, you will need to attend both dates: 19th and 26th March.
Modern life can be exhausting and if we are not careful can leave us feeling tired, demotivated and stressed-out. This course will help build your resilience to cope with the ups and downs of life and will show you simple everyday steps that you can take to boost your energy levels, improve your relationships and feel more in control of your life by building on the positive.

On this course you will:
* Identify your core values & strengths
* Explore how to improve your relationships
* Compare different resilience-building strategies
* Create a personalised well-being plan

So that by the end of the course you will feel less stressed, more connected and more in control of your well-being.


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