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PIMAC Training - Psychologically Informed Management of Aggression and Challenging Behaviour - Conflict Resolution and De-escalation

Events > PIMAC Training - Psychologically Informed Management of Aggression and Challenging Behaviour - Conflict Resolution and De-escalation

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Date: 09/03/2021

Time: 10:00 - 12:30

Price: £55.00

You can choose to attend any one, two or all three days. Please book on the course and we will contact you via email to see which session/s you would like to attend.
Attend one session: £55pp
Attend two sessions: £100pp
Attend all three sessions: £130pp

Working with vulnerable people often presents challenging behaviour and difficult scenarios. Front line organisations are likely to come face-to-face with decisions that can call into question your professional boundaries and personal safety.
This training course aims to understand the causes of challenging, aggressive and possibly violent behaviour. To enable staff to recognise escalating behaviour and to equip them with the skills to deal with difficult people and de-escalate aggression or
potential conflict.
This course has been developed in partnership with a team of Psychologists at St Basils (Birmingham), who became one of the first Psychologically Informed Environmental companies PIE’s in 2011, in recognition of their therapeutic approach to homeless young people many of whom were increasingly struggling with mental health problems, had experience of trauma and abuse and presented with challenging behaviours

Who is this course for?
This course is suitable for frontline staff, managers and anyone working directly with clients within care/support setting.
A mixture of training methods is used on this course. You will explore typical problems faced by professionals that work with vulnerable people, such as the tendency to attribute “blame” on to others and resistance to pro-activity. The blend of
approaches is designed to ensure that you will gain insights that are of immediate and practical use in your everyday work setting.

Delivery Method
This training series will be delivered as Virtual Training Webinars via ZOOM
It will incorporate three Bitesize courses (2 ½ hrs duration each).

Session 1 (Tuesday 9th March): This course will
• Define complex needs, its presenting problems and how it links to behaviour
• Define aggression and understand its causes
• Introduction to trauma and understanding the emotional and psychological triggers that lead to aggression
• Recognise physical and non-physical aggression
• Define passive aggression and how it presents itself
• Creating a PIE (Psychologically Informed Environment) in order the reduce confrontations
Session 2 (Wednesday 10th March)
• Identify situations that could escalate and take appropriate preventative action, including identifying flash points and triggers
• Learning to be aware of your own response and how that impacts situations
• Learn a simple model to mitigate or avoid risks using dynamic risk assessments (PETTS Model)
• Identify and demonstrate effective body language, assertiveness and communication techniques
• Develop critical decision-making skills and use of professional boundaries
Session 3 (Tuesday 16th March)
• Practical Skills to directly deal with and manage aggression, abuse and threatening behaviour. We will walk through the Top Tips of De-escalation.
• Explore a range of conflict scenarios and how to mitigate risk
• Be clear on ORGANISATIONS policies and procedures and be confident in reporting incidents and near misses
• Help you to recognise your own emotional needs and how to access support
• Discuss best practice in information sharing and recording when managing and minimising risk
• Review/ Reflective practice

Book on Skills to Grow

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