700 Volunteer Management and Retention


Date: 07/12/2021

Time: 09:30 - 15:30

Price: Free

Please note: this course is a 2day course and you will be required to attend 7th and 14th December.
This is delivered online using Zoom

Managing your volunteers effectively and providing them with adequate support will help you retain them. Managers of volunteers have challenging roles, often carried out with few resources and as part of a much wider role.
This online course provides an introduction to the key principles of good practice in volunteer management and how to apply them to your organisation and volunteers with the aim of retaining happy, long-serving volunteers.

Course Aims:
Identify different aspects of managing and retaining volunteers. Thinking differently about volunteering since Covid - identify what have people learnt from volunteering
Examine ideas and practical actions to use within your organisations

Course Objectives:

• Identify Volunteer Induction and Training Requirements
• Discuss Volunteer Agreements
• Identify Legal Requirements & Best Practices
• Identify Ways of Motivating Volunteers
• Recognise Ways to Provide Ongoing Support
• Determine Ways of Managing Performance
• Establish How to Handle Difficult Volunteers
• Identify Ways of Demonstrating Commitment
• Meet others to discuss their own best practice, ideas and ways of implementing the volunteering process


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