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Equality & Diversity

Equality & Diversity involves meeting the needs of a wide variety of ethnic and social minorities and groups.

The guides, toolkits and links below provide a good overview of most areas which might be of interest. Please select from the list to find out more.

1. ACAS Sample Equality Policy Template

Developed by ACAS this sample Equality Policy can be adapted and used in a community organisation.


2. How to use the Equality Act 2010: A guide for voluntary and community organisations (revised June 2015)

Developed by the Equality & Diversity Forum this guide looks at how VCS organisations can use the Act in their work, concentrating on parts of the Act that will be particularly useful to VCS organisations.


3. Engaging with Muslim Communities

Developed by Matrix Housing Partnership to help housing providers to better understand the needs of the Muslim Community.


Useful Links

Equality & Diversity Forum are a national network of organisations working across all areas of equality and human rights.

SPECTRUM is a User Led Organisation, run and controlled by Disabled People. As an advocacy organisation, they seek to change the way Disabled People are viewed, included and valued for who they are and what they contribute to society. They can offer advice and guidance on setting up a user led service.


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