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Legal Advice

Community First Legal Helpline

Our Legal Helpline service for Community First members can provide your organisation with access to free legal advice.  The Helpline is being developed in partnership with Hampshire Legal Services (HLS), who are the in-house legal team at Hampshire County Council.

The Legal Helpline can be used to obtain free initial advice (limited to 40 minutes for each discrete issue) but it does not extend to corresponding with third parties.  Where an issue can’t be fully resolved by the Helpline, HLS may be able to advise the member as a normal client.  In this case, HLS’s charges will reflect its role as a legal team that exists to support the delivery of public services.

Legal Helpline queries can cover the wide range of issues that HLS addresses in its work, including:

  • Charity structures, governance and data protection
  • Contracts and procurement
  • Premises, planning and the environment
  • Employment and volunteers
  • Disputes, including initial advice on litigation
  • Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults

Please note that there are, however, some legal issues where, because of the nature of its work, HLS would not normally advise (e.g. bequests and tax issues).

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What will happen when I submit a query?

Our Community Development team will assess your query to determine whether the Legal Helpline is best placed to respond. If not, our team may be able to advise you themselves or they will try to identity another avenue for support. We will keep in contact with you about next steps on your referral.

Legal Helpline queries will be handled in confidence but on the basis that HLS will, unless you tell them not to, share their Helpline advice (but not any other advice that they provide you) with us so that we can build a list of FAQs and monitor usage of the service more generally.

How do I submit my query?

Simply submit your query as a message in the form below. It will be sent to the inbox of our Community Development team.


Legal Advice Helpline

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