Heart Of The Park Warm Hub

We are very excited to announce the launch of Heart Of The Park’s Warm Hub initiative!  

Fuel and energy prices are at an all-time high, yet continue to rise, meaning 16.4 million people are going to be plunged into fuel poverty this winter. Our aim is to provide a safe and friendly, inclusive space for all members of our community to come and keep warm. 

Come along for a hot meal and drink. Join in with activities, games, clubs and classes, or sit down read a book. We have free Wi-Fi if you have some work to catch up on. This will allow you to switch your heating off at home during the day and save money.

You can also benefit from free and impartial energy advice and help to save money on energy bills. People will also be able to take away free energy packs depending on availability. 

We are open to everybody. However, free food and drinks are included for families and individuals in need, and in a discreet and non-discriminatory way.

If you would like to learn more about discounted/ free meals and drinks. Sign up here.

Need some help or advice?

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