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Your #HavantConnects page is here to provide you with signposting links, resources, FAQ’s and good news stories from the Havant area to help guide your group or organisation through the coronavirus emergency and to provide you with the tools you need to support your users and community.

Good News Stories and Local Updates

There are incredible stories we are seeing coming out of Havant. Of individuals, groups and businesses coming together to care for the most vulnerable of our community during this crisis. Click the links below to read more.

New Skills & Employment Hub brings opportunities to Havant

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Positive Pathways bury their Time Capsule!

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Denvilles Alliance loaned a Mercedes for vital Covid response in the community

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Community First Delivers Essentials on Wheels

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LunchBank PO9 partner with Bedhampton to Community Centre to feed the vulnerable in the PO9 Community

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Hayling Helpers

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The below links will help you easily signpost your users to any other services they may require.

Help and Support Directory

Community First’s Help and Support Directory is an easy to use directory of local community services. It has been created to help people connect with support services and community groups where they live.

Pharmacies in Your Area

Use this link to find a list of pharmacies in your area, and those that can be found online:


Mental Health


Domestic Abuse




What should I do if I am worried about a child or adult at risk?
Speak to your volunteer supervisor about your concerns. If that is not possible, you can contact:

If the concern is about an adult – contact Hampshire Adults’ Health and Care
Online contact form
or call – 0300 555 1386

If the concern is about a child – contact Hampshire Childrens Social Care – 0300 555 1384
Out of Hours – Hampshire Adult and Children’s Services 0300 555 1373

Hampshire Constabulary
Emergency Number 999
Non emergency no. 101

You will find a link to a Safeguarding Guide on the ‘Resources’ menu on the right of this page, or click here.

Your Local Council

Connect to Support Hampshire


Below is a collection of questions our team are frequently asked and the answers to those questions. You may find useful information relevant to your group or organisation here.

How can I get funding for my group even if we don’t have a bank account?

Most funders require the group to have a bank account, this enables an audit trail so you know and they know that the funding has been used appropriately. If you do not have a bank account a couple of options include:

  • Partner with another not-for-profit group which does have a bank account and constitution
  • Set up a constitution and a group bank account, your local Community First Community Development Officer will help with this
  • Ask Community First to ‘hold’ the funds on your behalf.

We have someone with complex/specialist needs and we don’t feel comfortable taking responsibility for them. All we can do is shopping, prescriptions and befriending. What should we do?

There are a wealth of specialist organisations who support those with complex needs, almost all specialist charities will take self referrals, or referrals from a member of the public with the clients permission. See the “Useful Contacts for Coronavirus Support Groups” button at the top of the page for a list of specialist organisations you can refer to

You can also refer them to The Hampshire Coronavirus Support and Helpline by calling 0333 370 4000.  Connect To Support has lots of information about support available. Or contact your local Community Development Officer at Community First for further help – email

We would like some more volunteers – where can we get them from?

Contact Community First Volunteer Team at or call us on 0300 500 8085.

Almost 1,000 residents across our Districts have volunteered to support their communities during Covid-19. Our Volunteer Service will put you in contact with those in your area.

You can find some useful information in our Volunteering Guidelines.


Your Team

Meet your #HavantConnects team

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Voluntary Sector Engagement Manager

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We’ve created and collated a series of toolkits and guides that provide information and guidance across a broad range of issues including for those working in response to covid-19.

Need some help or advice?

Whether you need to know how to find local support groups or who to turn to for advice, our searchable Help and Support Directory is an easy to use list of Hampshire Community Services.

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