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Finances for charities are a key area that needs to be well maintained for the future health of the charity and its continuing operation and provision of any associated services.

The guides, toolkits and links below provide a good overview of most areas which might be of interest. Please select from the list to find out more.

1. Auto-enrolment for Charities: A How-to Guide

Developed by the Charity Finance Directors Group as a guide for Charities on how to meet their responsibilities regarding auto enrolment.


2. Auto-enrolment for Small Charities: What you need to know

Developed by the Charity Finance Directors Group as a guide for small Charities on what they need to know about auto enrolment.


3. Charity Finance Toolkit

Developed by H3 Solicitors on behalf of Communities First Wessex, a guide to help charities to understand their financial responsibilities.


4. Reserves Policy Sample

Developed by Communities First Wessex.


5. Reporting and Accounting - The Essentials

Produced by The Charities Commission in England and Wales the guide sets out reporting requirements for charities.


Useful Links

Government website offers a wealth of information about Charity reporting and

Charity Finance Group is the charity that champions best practice in finance management in the voluntary sector. They produce a range of resouces to support good financial management.

Their Essential Charity Finance for Trustees guide:

Crisis Decision Tool Bates Wells’ new Crisis Decision Tool aims to help charities, social enterprises and other non-profit entities facing financial difficulty, who are unsure of the next steps to take.

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