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Trustees are the driving force behind all Charities.  Ensuring they understand their role and responsibilities and have a good mix of skills is vital to the smooth running of any organisation.

The guides and links below provide a good overview of most areas which might be of interest. Please select from the list below to find out more.

1. The Essential Trustee Guide

A comprehensive guide from the Charity Commission detailing the roles and responsibilities of a Trustee


2. The Essential Trustee: 6 main duties

Charity Commission short visual guide of the 6 main duties of being a Trustee.


Useful Links

Charity Trustee Welcome Pack
As a new charity trustee, this guide from the Charity Commission will help you in your role. It can also be used by existing trustees to refresh knowledge and skills.

Conflicts of Interest: A guide for Charity Trustees is available to help them understand the basics, and the Charity Commission expects them to deal with conflicts of interest facing them or their charity.

Need some help or advice?

Whether you need to know how to find local support groups or who to turn to for advice, our searchable Help and Support Directory is an easy to use list of Hampshire Community Services.

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