26 March 2019

Fareham Walking 4 Health New Programme

Welcome to your new Fareham Walking 4 Health walk programme for April and May.  Our volunteer Walk Leaders have sprung into action once again to offer you a Spring full of fantastic walking opportunities.  You have a fantastic selection to choose from morning, afternoon and evening plus weekday and weekend.  Why not try something new for Spring?

View the Fareham Programme here


You will see from our Walk Rating Key that we have introduced a new category of walks bearing the Forgetmenot flower of Dementia Friendly Fareham.

We welcome new Walk Leader Jane who is bringing back our much-loved Fareham Leisure Centre walk.  Jane came from a background in engineering and teaching before becoming involved with dementia while caring for her mother. From running a local support group she became a dementia awareness trainer for staff in Care Homes. Jane is the Alzheimer’s Society Local Area Coordinator for SE England.  In 2016, Jane setup the charity Dementia Friendly Hampshire.  As part of this work she has trained as a Health Walk leader.

The W3 walk is offered once a month on the second Friday of the month and meets at 1.30pm.

Congratulations to Walk Leader Baz who has just been signed up by Blind Veterans UK as a Walking Companion.  His experience with Fareham Walking 4 Health has helped to spring-board him into this new role.  Don’t miss the chance to walk with Baz in South Fareham.  His W61 route to Fort Fareham moves to early evenings in May.

Thank you to Dave who regularly steps in to cover walks for other Walk Leaders in both Fareham and Gosport.  Take a look at the Gosport programme:

View the Gosport Programme here


If you think you’d like to be a Walk Leader with Fareham and/or Gosport Walking for Health schemes, please contact the office by email or phone 01329 231 899 for a no-obligation chat about the role. 

Please remember that in order to continue to offer these fantastic walking opportunities free of charge, we are reliant on the generosity of local donors.  If you have any great fundraising ideas, please get in touch.

Happy Walking!
Fareham Walking 4 Health Team

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