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Go RingGo! Local Business Answer the Countryside’s Call


More and more people are getting out into the countryside in a bid to escape their hectic lives. Hampshire County Council Countryside Rangers Team have an enormous task of maintaining the public rights of way network. RingGo cashless parking, a medium-sized tech company based in Basingstoke, responded to the call. A team of ten willing volunteers from across the business took part in a volunteer day on a popular footpath in the parish of Rotherwick.

Image: Employee volunteers from RingGo on the newly cleared footpath in Rotherwick

The volunteers had to contend with thick bushes and trees that had completely overgrown the walkway rendering the path unpassable. Volunteers are vital for organisations such as the Countryside Rangers, the area they cover is vast, and the help from local businesses such as RingGo is invaluable. The volunteers worked tirelessly and managed to clear the path in no time.

Dave Mitchell, RingGo’s Head of Professional Services, says, “It was great to come and volunteer our time to help clear the path. It has been a wonderful team-building experience and great to be able to work with colleagues in a different environment. We have enjoyed our day with Community First and HCC rangers, and hope to continue volunteering around the area in which we live and work.”

Anne Snelson, RingGo’s Marketing Manager, adds, “As a runner, I use footpaths all the time and take it for granted when they’re nice and clear. I now know how much effort that takes. We’ve had a great day with two teams competing from either end and the breakthrough moment was definitely worth waiting for!”

Mitch Webb from The Countryside Access Team says, “Throughout Hampshire, we have hundreds of miles of public rights of way and a very active community that like to use them. We are living in a society where health and wellbeing is becoming more of a priority in our everyday lives, we are fortunate in Hampshire that we have a rights of way team but rely on volunteers to help us out. I would like to thank RingGo for giving up their time to help us clear the Rotherwick path; this will enable the public to easily access the route, something that would have taken our team days to clear.”

Without the support of local businesses, many charity and community groups would struggle. For more information about how you can get involved with the employee volunteering scheme contact Rachel Taylor at, tel. 01730 774057.

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