26 October 2020

Together while Apart: Timebank gets creative in lockdown!

Lockdown may have kept local people apart –but community spirit has brought them closer together than ever. Since the onset of coronavirus, the pandemic has changed the way people interact with many of our social events and meetings held online.

Even though staying at home is not always easy, The Woolmer Forest Timebank have been coming up with some creative ideas for keeping busy during the last few months.

The Woolmer Forest Timebank is a friendly network of individuals and organisations who support each other around the Bordon area and share skills and knowledge in return for time credits, which can be “spent” on themselves or donated to a community pot to benefit others.

With the country going through such uncertain times, the Timebank members were keen to celebrate the positives that have come out of lockdown. In one of their regular online social meetings, they came up with the idea of creating a digital collage showing photographs of how lockdown has encouraged people to take up new hobbies, try out new ideas or just take some time to relax.

The Timebank encouraged people to send in their photographs of activities that have kept them busy while we were all forced to spend time apart. This resulted in a multitude of different images, with many different themes.

Elyssia has been a valued member of the Timebank for over a year, and has a keen interest in photography and art. She came up with the title for the collage: “Together while Apart”.

Elyssia said, “In these trying times we wanted to look at the lighter side of lockdown and focus on the positives. The digital collage brought many of the Timebank members together when we could not meet in person. It’s nice that we have something to show that brings back some memories from this trying time.”

The Timebank got in touch with The Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre to see if they could work together. One of The Phoenix’s Arts Council Covid Response projects is “The Number 5” which aims to find new ways of engaging isolated and/or vulnerable people in arts activities.

Members of the Timebank met with local artist Madeleine Allison, who is a freelance arts practitioner. Madeleine showed members a range of art techniques that they could use to enhance their photos for the visual art collage.

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