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Under 18s Support


Sexual violence or abuse can be devastating

If you have been affected either directly or indirectly by sexual violence or abuse get in touch. We offer a counselling service to young people. Counselling gives you a space to explore how you feel, separate from school, college and home. The counsellor will not tell you what to do, and will not judge you in anyway.


Get in touch

You may feel frightened, confused alone or guilty whether the abuse happened a long time ago or recently. You can contact us or you can ask a parent or adult you trust to contact us.

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Call us 01962 807037
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We aim to:

  • Offer a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment in which to explore the thoughts, feelings and behaviour affecting your life.
  • Listen, offer support and help as you find a way some of the difficulties you are experiencing and how they impact on your wellbeing.
  • Help reduce the mental and physical distress you may be experiencing

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