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614 Measuring the Impact of your projects (Online)


Date: 06/10/2022

Time: 10:00 - 12:00

Price: £55.00

Measuring the impact of your work is important for a variety of reasons. Evidencing the effectiveness of your services, projects and programmes is crucial to secure continued and new funding. A track record of success can also help good ideas spread, allowing the positive change to reach more communities and improve more lives.

Equally important is identifying projects and services that are not doing well, so that they can be changed and improved - ensuring that the resources committed to them have the impact which was intended. While each project and each organisation are different, there are proven strategies and tools that can be used to analyse and improve the impact of your projects on individuals and groups, including family groups.
In this online training session, you will learn about simple and easy ways of measuring the impact of your projects and services. This will contribute to their effective management and monitoring. The data collected will also be extremely useful for your fundraising activities and grant applications.
In this online session you will cover the following key elements:
 What do we mean by impact?
 Why it is important to show impact?
 How to measure the changes you want to see.
 The 4 steps you can work through (planning; collecting your data; analysing and using it)
 Using the Change Radar Tool to measure the impact of your projects and services on individuals and groups (including family groups).

All attendees of this training will receive a FREE copy of the Change Radar Tool for use in their projects.
This online training will be delivered by Zoryna O'Donnell, MBA, MSc, FInstLM. Zoryna has extensive experience leading innovation and transformation in public, voluntary and private sector organisations in different countries. She has successfully managed a variety of projects - from local to national and international, and secured over £1m funding for the projects and programmes which she managed.


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