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855 Are you organising an event for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Weekend?


Date: 19/05/2022

Time: 00:00 - 00:15

Price: £55.00

Members: £0.00

This course is Free for all Community First Member (find out more

It's the Queens Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend from 3rd to 6th June, and people will be celebrating all over the country.
Are you organising or helping out at an event to celebrate this or another special occasion?
Have you considered all the Health and Safety requirements to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time, including Food Safety, Manual Handling and First Aid?
We are offering a course to cover these three topics. The course consists of eLearning and a series of short videos that you can complete in your own time before the event to ensure you are aware of the Health and Safety implications in these three key areas.

How does it work?
• You book a place via our online booking form.
• On 20th May, you will be sent access details (Links, Usernames and Passwords). This will enable you to log in and access the content.
You will be able to complete these in your own time and as many times as you like before your event

This course covers the following:

Food Safety – This is a 30 eLearning course that covers:

• Understand food safety terminology
• Understand food safety laws
• Recognise types of food safety hazards
• Understand the importance of food temperature control
• Recognise how bacterial multiplication can be reduced
• Appreciate the principles of Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) as it applies to food safety
• Understand the importance of high temperatures in destroying bacteria
• Understand the risks that food handlers can pose
• Understand the importance of storing food correctly
• Recognise the importance that cleaning has on food safety
• Recognise the need for high standards of facility maintenance and equipment to promote good food hygiene

Manual Handling – This is a 30 min eLearning course that covers:

• Introduction
• Defining the problem
• Avoiding the need for manual handling
• Assessing the risk from manual handling
• Reducing the risk
• Self-assessment

First Aid – This comprises 12 short videos (lasting a total of 60 min video) and covers:

• Introduction
• Roles of a First Aider
• Primary Survey
• Recovery Position
• Choking
• Seizures
• Burns and Scalds
• Bleeding and Bandaging
• Fractures Dislocations Sprains and Strains
• Head Injuries


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