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898 Basic Practical Project Management (Online)


Date: 17/10/2022

Time: 09:30 - 12:00

Price: £55.00

If you can organise a birthday party, or get volunteers together to deliver funder-led activities, you can manage a project. The trick is, you may not know precisely how.

This course shows you how. It offers a range of tips and ideas, taken from professional commercial project management, which translate into the voluntary sector. It also offers you a set of tools which you can use to make your project delivery effective, measurable and successful.

Most of all, this course can give you confidence that managing a project isn't a big deal; you'll have all the basic building blocks for a successful project at the end of this morning's training.

Trainer is a former professional project manager who can help you deliver complex projects in the real world beyond big corporate teams.


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