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939 MiDAS Induction Standard/Accessible


Date: 24/07/2023

Time: 09:00 - 16:30

Midas Induction Standard: £135.00

Midas Induction Accessible: £155.00

This course runs over 24th, 25th and 26th July

MiDAS is a national scheme to enhance the driving and passenger awareness skills of minibus drivers. MiDAS is not a legal requirement but is increasingly being accepted as a ‘best working practice’. Most organisations operating minibuses like their drivers to have a MiDAS certificate. It is down to the organisation’s risk assessment and policy.

Midas Induction is for drivers that do not have a Midas Cert or their current Midas Cert has been expired for more than 3 month

MiDAS offers two types of certificate:

• Standard (for driving only)
• Accessible (in addition to driving, this includes safely securing wheelchairs)

The training consists of an online theory session, followed by a separate driving assessment.

Days are scheduled as follows:

Induction Standard courses
• Day One and Two – Online Theory Sessions x2 full day
• Day Three – 1-hour practical assessment

Induction Accessible courses
• Day One and Two – Online Theory Sessions x2 full day
• Day Three – 2-3-hour practical assessment

A certificate is valid for 4 years and you will require refresher training by no less than 3 months before the certificate expiry date.

Please ensure you read the Midas Drivers Guidance Information:


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