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16/01/2024 How to Charity Fundraise - A guide to Fundraising for Non Fundraisers - Online - Community First Essentials (Ref: 1325) Find out more & Book
13/02/2024 How to Improve the Success Rate of your Funding Applications - Online - Community First Essentials (Ref 1184) Find out more & Book
12/03/2024 How to Attract and Recruit volunteers to help with Crowdfunding- Online - Community First Essentials (Ref: 1317) Find out more & Book
24/04/2024 Good Governance and Effective Working Practices(Ref:1320) -Community First Essentials (Online) Find out more & Book
16/05/2024 Profit with purpose - fundraising advice including trading (Ref: 1319) - Community First Essentials (Online) Find out more & Book
05/06/2024 Managing and Retaining Volunteers- Community First Essentials (Online) (Ref 1318) Find out more & Book
09/07/2024 How to Write a Business Plan in 5 Easy Steps (Ref 1321)- Community First Essentials (Online) Find out more & Book

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