12 May 2023

Fareham Peer Support Groups: Long Covid & Heart Conditions

Community First is proud to announce that we are working with our health colleagues and community to set up 2 new Peer Support Groups in Fareham. 

These groups will enable you to meet and share your experience, worries, challenges with people with similar long-term conditions or health experiences.  Where you can support each other to better understand the conditions and aid recovery or self-management. 

Peer supporters draw from their experiential knowledge – the happenings, emotions, and insights of their experiences – as they listen to and interact with peers who seek their help. 

At these first meetings we will discuss future meetings, set terms of reference, boundaries and what you want from the group. 

The first of these groups, will meet, in person, on Monday the 5th of June between 5pm and 7pm, and is for people who are living with Long Covid. The prevalence of long Covid in the UK is currently estimated at 1.9 million – a staggering number – and support for patients is currently limited to an online service which patients access at home, alone.  

We hope that the peer support group will be a space for people to talk to others living with the condition to share their experience and support each other with all of the challenges associated with the symptoms of long covid; including fatigue, shortness of breath, loss of smell, to name a few.  

Peer support has been shown to reduce isolation, provide companionship, be a source of hope, and support as well as be a gateway to accessing other information and advice. 


The Heart Conditions Peer Support group will have its first meeting on Monday 19th of June between 5pm and 7pm, and will provide a space for people aged 18 to 50 to share their experience of living with a heart condition with their peers. 

Research shows that peer support can improve people’s wellbeing, increase social networks and improve people’s self-esteem. Connecting with other people is beneficial to our physical and mental health and it’s hoped that this group will provide the support people living with heart conditions need.  

This group will compliment the already established Fareham Cardiac Support Group, who meet on the first Thursday of every month. To find out more information, contact their secretary, John Willis on john.willis63@ntlworld.com.  

Both peer groups will be 5 to 7pm in the Lounge at Holy Trinity Church, 132 West St, Fareham PO16 0EL. We look forward to welcoming you!

Register your interest:  

Long Covid Support Group Registration Form

Heart Conditions Support Group Registration Form


More information:

longcovidpeersupport@cfirst.org.uk | heartconditionspeersupport@cfirst.org.uk

Amy-Beth 075706774434 | Jo 07585330721

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