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Fareham Home Help Questions and Answers

  • Question: What happens if my Home Help is off sick or on holiday?
  • Answer: Providing you are happy to accept, a replacement Home Help will be sent to you, if possible, to cover the period of absence, although we cannot guarantee the same day and time.
  • Question: Who is eligible for the service?
  • Answer: We provide a home cleaning and shopping service for frail, elderly and disabled people or if you are unable to do basic housework due to personal or family illness. All staff are DBS checked and appropriately trained.
  • Question: Are the Home Helps insured?
  • Answer: Yes, we have Public Liability and Employers Liability. Details on request.
  • Question: Does the Home Help take washing/ironing home?
  • Answer: Home Helps can help you with machine washing at your home. Unfortunately, our Home Helps CANNOT take your washing or ironing home with them.
  • Question: Will I be able to specify a set day and time?
  • Answer: Yes, a client will have the same Home Help on the same day and time each visit which has been agreed between themselves.
  • Question: Can my Home Help take me shopping?
  • Answer: Home Helps can collect a shopping list and shop for a client, but unfortunately they CANNOT take a client shopping as they are not covered on insurance.
  • Question: Do you do a one off clean?
  • Answer: Our service is aimed at regular visits by a Home Help. Unfortunately we do not provide this service.
  • Question: Who provides the cleaning materials and equipment?
  • Answer: The client provides all equipment and materials.
  • Question: Do Home Helps carry identity cards?
  • Answer: Yes, all Home Helps carry an identity card with their photograph on.
  • Question: Do you monitor the Home Helps?
  • Answer: Yes, a service Co-ordinator will review individual arrangements after one month and then again at approximately nine-month intervals to ensure that all is going well. Clients may call the office to discuss any change in their circumstances as and when necessary.
  • Question: What are the office hours?
  • Answer: The office is open Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm. An answerphone is available out of hours – please call 01329 223144 or email

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