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Woolmer Forest Timebank

The Woolmer Forest Timebank is a friendly group of individuals, community organisations and businesses who swap skills and exchange support in the Whitehill & Bordon area.  It’s free to join.  Members help each other out or share hobbies, skills & knowledge and earn time credits in return.  These can be “spent” on themselves or donated to a community pot to help others.

The possibilities are endless. All the offers and requests available are promoted on the Timebank IT system, at Timebank meetings and in regular newsletters.  In addition, there is a Timebank Co-ordinator who helps members recognise the skills they have, find the support they need and follow procedures to keep everyone safe.

Woolmer Forest Timebank believes that the real wealth of a community is its people.  Everyone is valuable and has something to offer.  Timebanking enables people to give as well as to receive.  “You need me” becomes “We need each other”.  Our work strengthens the community as it builds social and practical support networks. Everyone’s time is valued equally – an hour for an hour.

Woolmer Forest Timebank organises a range of different events to help members get to know each other informally, build up trust and develop friendships before exchanges of support are made.

You can find out more about Woolmer Forest Timebank on our website, call us on 01420 559030, or email

 @WTimebank     @woolmerforesttimebank     @woolmerforesttimebank

Our Partners:

Community First, Furniture Helpline, Kingsley Organisation, Whitehill & Bordon Nextdoor, Radian, Timebanking UK, Whitehill & Bordon Community Association and Whitehill & Bordon Community Trust.


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Why not take a look at the video we’ve put together to see if you would like to be involved, and the difference the Timebank is making to local people:

Hear from Timebank member Elyssia about Timebanking’s unique twist on volunteering:

Meet the Timebank staff team:

Left to right: Claire Coxwell, Rachel Taylor and Helen Mellows


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