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Our specialist Youth Team run youth work that stretches from the traditional open access youth clubs and detached work, to highly specialised targeted work helping young people with anger, anxiety or multiple issues, and everything in between.

We have a special focus on those vulnerable to grooming into child sexual exploitation or into drug use, transport and distribution. We have also provided specialist support to the young LGBTQ community for many years, including helping to refer into the NHS’s Gender Identity Services.


What We Do

Our Targeted Projects:

Positive Changes: We offer free 8 week courses, either ANXIETY MANAGEMENT, ANGER MANAGEMENT or SOLUTION FOCUSED MENTORING, in either East Hampshire, Winchester District or Havant Borough.

These courses deal with all aspects of anger and anxiety or multiple issues in years 6-13. Our anxiety course was written by us with the help of Anxiety UK and sits at a pre-CAMHS level, and is designed to help Young People avoid escalating to a level where they need clinical help.

These courses run across East Hampshire, Winchester and Havant. Young People can be referred via our referral form via the button below, or contact:

Becka Jarvis 07508 702874

Sarah Beechcroft-Kay  07467 941014

Positive Changes Referral Form


For more details please contact:

Becka on 07508 702874

Sarah Beechcroft-Kay 07467 941014


LGBTQ+ Young People

Our Team has worked for many years with Young People who identify as LGBTQ+.  These Young People can currently be helped via our Solution Focused Mentoring Project (referral details on this page) or you can ring one of our team to find out about any other available projects locally.

Becka Jarvis 07508 702874

Sarah Beechcroft-Kay 07467 941014


Our Detached Projects:

Street Strong: We are running our new Street Strong Detached project until October 2019 (funded by the OPCC) in Alton on Wednesday afternoons from 2.30pm.  This project aims to help and equip all our local Young People who spend time out on the streets, in parks, skateparks & similar to keep themselves safe. We promote understanding of how to recognise, resist or exit various kinds of grooming including into Child Sexual Exploitation, drug transportation or dealing (such as via County Lines) and coercive or violent peer relationships.

Street Safe: Our Street Safe Detached project (supported by East Hampshire District Council) runs at various locations throughout the week, in Liphook, Bordon, Petersfield, Clanfield and Horndean.

Our workers will also support Young People in almost any area of difficulty in their lives, whether at school, home or friendships, any kind of substance use, mental & emotional health issues, working out a future path, with gender or sexuality issues, neurodiversity and/or social communication issues, lifeskills & much more.  Our team will also be carrying a mobile version of the NHS Get It On Scheme, able to do both condom distribution & chlamydia testing, as well as providing sex education & sexual health advice out & about.


Click the image below for the Youthfirst referral form:




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