Community First is a registered Charity operating in Hampshire which enables individuals and local groups to be the difference they want to see in their local communities.

We achieve this through connecting and engaging with the community, identifying where essential services could make a difference to peoples’ lives and facilitating this change through the actions of dedicated individuals and organisations.

Our Vision

We’re committed to championing the voluntary and community sector through empowering individuals and creating enduring connections that make life better for everyone.

Our Members

We are an independent membership organisation representing a diverse group of people of over 600 member organisations. We believe that we are all stronger by working together and so we welcome new members and their involvement in our essential and life-changing work. Membership is open to voluntary and community organisations who operate in the areas that we serve.

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Our Values

  • Creative – We will take measured risks to explore and test new ideas and approaches to delivering services and support. We will strive to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • Inclusive – We value diversity and we will strive to ensure that opportunities are open to everyone. We will actively seek to include those less likely or able to participate themselves and treat all our customers, partners and members with respect and courtesy.
  • Collaborative – We will work with our partners, our member organisations and wider stakeholders to achieve the best possible results we can.
  • Integrity – We are open and honest and do all we can to put the interests of our members, volunteers and the wider voluntary sector first.
  • Evidence based – We will make reasoned and informed decisions through research and tested evidence.


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Need some help or advice?

Whether you need to know how to find local support groups or who to turn to for advice, our searchable Help and Support Directory is an easy to use list of Hampshire Community Services.

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