12 September 2023

Funding Opportunities


We set ourselves five main objectives with the main focus being on creating a brighter future for young people who need a bit of help to develop their potential. 

Registered charities in need of financial aid to support their overall mission or a particular project can apply for a grant by completing our form.Please note that the focus of the Hays Travel Foundation is on helping young people in the areas where Hays Travel operates. 

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 Community Funding 

Each branch has a yearly budget that they can use to sponsor any fundraising activities they want to organise or be part of. They know the secret to fundraising success and make sure to use it any way they can to support those in need within their local community. 

Whether you’re an organisation or an individual and have a worthy cause, don’t hesitate to approach your local Hays Travel for help. While the Hays Travel Foundation primarily focuses on supporting young people, our branches have the freedom to make their own decision about who and what they would like to fundraise for. 

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Overview of the Youth Fund 

The Youth Fund supports organisations whose main purpose is working with and for young people (aged 14-25) who face complex transitions to adulthood. 

We provide core funding for organisations that: 

  • Seek to sustain, prepare to grow, or grow impact with and for young people. 
  • Put young people at the centre in terms of power, voice and agency – as part of an asset-based approach, starting with recognising and building on young people’s strengths and potential. 
  • Aim to achieve wide impact for young people (for example, going beyond direct delivery and focusing on systemic or structural change). 
  • Are committed to continuous improvement in asset-based approaches to working with and for young people. 
  • Support young people who are facing complex transitions, challenges and barriers to accessing support and opportunities. Particularly young people who are socially excluded or marginalised; whose experiences can be hidden or less well known; and whose voices are often erased or ignored. 

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The Our Local Nature Grant scheme is designed to provide young people with an opportunity to take the lead on projects that involve their local nature and natural spaces, to aid young people in realising their influence to affect positive change, to have their voices heard, and see their ideas come to life. 

We therefore fund innovative projects that are designed and led by young people in the UK. 

The maximum award is £1,000 per proposal. We welcome and encourage applications for significantly lower amounts – in the last two years we have funded a wide spread of projects ranging from £150 to £1,000. The Society is happy to co-fund any project with other organisations. 

This grant is purposefully broad and welcomes novel ideas. Some examples of possible proposals could be: running a school festival about nature; painting community murals showcasing biodiversity in the area; building a community garden; creating a nature walk; hiring a speaker to come and talk about local foraging. 

Application close 22nd October 2023 

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The KFC Foundation loves its community, so we support grassroots organisations in the heart of KFC restaurant communities. Organisations focused on empowering young people in the UK to fulfil their potential and build a positive future by providing spaces that allow young people to feel safe and secure, by providing mentoring and helping to unlock talent and build life skills to improve their chances to gain meaningful employment.
We want to fund work that helps young people to create firm foundations, by addressing their needs through early intervention. 

This grant programme is for registered charities, registered community interest companies, unincorporated clubs or associations or unregistered charities with a turnover of less than £300,000.
We will make grants of up to £2,500. 

The KFC Foundation welcomes funding applications from organisations which: 

  • Benefit young people aged 11-25 years old. 
  • Supports those in a position of economic disadvantage (including one of the following: care leavers, those experiencing homelessness, young carers, young parents, refugees, young people at risk of or with experience of the criminal justice system). 
  • Empower young people to fulfil their potential and build a positive future by providing spaces that allow young people to feel safe and secure, helping them to unlock talent, build life skills, provide mentoring and improve their chances to gain meaningful employment. 
  • Will demonstrate positive results from their project within 12 months of our funding being received 

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Need support finding funding? Our Community Development Team is here to help.

Like to increase your skills in sourcing funds? We have Training Courses for you.

Need some help or advice?

Whether you need to know how to find local support groups or who to turn to for advice, our searchable Help and Support Directory is an easy to use list of Hampshire Community Services.

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