26 January 2022

Upcoming Online Event: Meet the Team – 1st March 2022

As an independent membership organisation representing a diverse group of people of over 600 member organisations, we believe that we are all stronger by working together.

In the next of our continued series of member’s events, we are inviting both members and non-members to join us online on 1st March 10:30-12:00 to learn more about Community First and how we continue to support a thriving voluntary and community sector and to highlight the myriad of Community First services available to groups like yours; services which enable charities, community groups and social enterprises continue to deliver their vital services. You can learn more about how we help groups here.

From our Community Development and Transport Services to our Governance and Training experts, our team will be on hand to highlight to attendees exactly how we have been helping organisations and groups across Hampshire continue to deliver their services during this challenging time of the pandemic.  Our team will explain what our services are and how they can be of use to groups just like yours.


We will have all the experts you need ready to talk you through our experiences and how we were able to respond rapidly and support our members, not for profit groups, our partners, and community, overcome the many challenges faced by all of us in the voluntary sector over the last year. We will also be undertaking a Q&A session during the event and would welcome any questions that that you may have.


The event is being planned to impart useful insights into how Community First works to support those in the voluntary sector to make life better for everyone in our community, where you can find support and funding, how to set up as a new charity, community group or social enterprise, and how we can help you with all of this and more!


Our large capacity ensures that we are not only your voice in the sector but that we are able to both support and empower you and groups like you across the County and beyond, to create enduring connections that make life better for everyone.  Committed to championing the voluntary and community sector, we manage our services centrally but deliver locally, to ensure we add value and that the needs of the community are met appropriately.  


We hope that you will be able to join us on the 1st of March, to find out more details on how we can help you and the causes close to your heart and community. Furthermore, we provide our committed development service to our members via one-to-one sessions, by phone and by email; we can also deliver help through training sessions, workshops and surgeries. We welcome new members at any time; you can find out more about the support and benefits that we can offer you on our website here or contact our team Community Development Team on 0300 500 8085 or support@cfirst.org.uk.


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