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Governance & Leadership

Management and governance for your organisation, including roles and responsibilities of Trustees.

Title Description
Association of Chairs Membership organisation supporting Chairs and Vice Chairs of charities and social enterprises in England and Wales Visit website
Being a Charity Trustee All the information you need to be an effective trustee and run your charity, so it delivers on its purpose. Visit website
Being a trustee in an age of permacrisis A guide for charity trustees on how to govern in a crisis. Visit website
Charity Governance Code Developed by NCVO and partners this information and code includes a practical tool to help charities and their trustees develop high standards of governance Visit website
Community First Training Community First offer a wide range of Governance Training, including bespoke courses designed to meet the needs of your Charity Visit website
Directory of Social Change - The Governance App An online tool that any Board can use to review their governance – and work on improvements. Visit website
Future - Engage - Deliver Link to a book on the FED Leadership model Visit website
Future - Engage - Deliver - Book Sample Link to a sample summarising the FED Leadership model Visit website
Getting On Board - Free Resources Free online trustee recruitment guidance, tools and templates Visit website
GOV.UK - 5-minute guides for charity trustees GOV.UK - Guidance for Trustees Visit website
GOV.UK - Charity trustee welcome pack Charity Trustee Welcome Pack - As a new charity trustee, this guide from the Charity Commission will help you in your role. It can also be used by existing trustees to refresh knowledge and skills. Visit website
GOV.UK - Charity Trustee: What's Involved (CC3a) GOV.UK - Guidance for Trustees Visit website
GOV.UK - Conflicts of interest: a guide for charity trustees Conflicts of Interest: A guide for Charity Trustees is available to help them understand the basics, and the Charity Commission expects them to deal with conflicts of interest facing them or their charity. Visit website
Legal structures at a glance A table showing the different legal structures Download
NCVO - Implementing the Charity Governance Code - A Toolkit for Micro-Charities More manageable approach to the Charity Governance Code for micro-charities. Contains many useful links to helpful items. Visit website
NCVO Board Appraisal Toolkit Board Appraisal Toolkit: Self Assessment for Chairs & Trustees from NCVO Visit website
Overview of the Trustee Recruitment Process Reach Volunteering guidance Visit website
Pilotlight Strategic business support for Charities Visit website
The Essential Trustee 6 main duties Brief overview of the role of Trustees Download
The Essential Trustee Guide Information on what you need to know and do as a Trustee Visit website
What is a CIO? The advantages and disadvantages of CIO's Download
Writing a Terms of reference Explains what should be included in a groups terms of reference Download

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