21 July 2022

Thursday Throwback – Increasing Mobility At The Goodwood Festival of Speed

Community First’s Shopmobility team is currently at Farnborough Airshow but today we’re throwing back to last month when they were at Goodwood for the Festival of Speed!


Everyone deserves to access events such as Goodwood Festival of Speed, the cars, the stalls, and the racing, it’s an awesome and lovely day out but for some, the extensive walking can be daunting.  That’s why Shopmobility is there to help keep you involved. With a vast range of scooters available, they are able to help keep you mobile. They even had wheelchairs available because more people than you think are unlucky enough to break a leg or badly hurt an ankle, not long before the event and don’t wish to go full mobility scooter.


There was a large fleet of 71 scooters available for rental during the event that were all sold out, all pre-booked! It took a strenuous 8 van trips to get them all there from the various Shopmobility services we run and others that Community First borrowed from other services. Well worth it.


Shopmobility User – “A big thank you to you and the team at the Goodwood FoS event. Everything went smoothly and the scooters on all 3 days were brilliant. A really good customer experience from start to finish.”


The Festival of Speed is a massive event with people coming from pretty long distances as well to visit it. Cornwall, Coventry, Ireland, we talked to people from all over the UK and beyond when they visited Shopmobility to pick up their pre-booked scooters. We had the pleasure of meeting so many proper characters and lovely people, eager to get through the gates and enjoy an awesome day of exploring, watching racing, stalls, red arrows, impressive cars, and more.


Ethan, CF Marketing Officer – “I’m proud to see the joy Shopmobility can unlock, these sort of events are so much fun, it’s a proper day/weekend out, and it is great that Shopmobility can help make sure those less mobile are able to experience it as well”


The Shopmobility team of employees and volunteers at the event is well and truly the definition of a team. The tight-knit group loves going to the events and helping out. They cover all the bases to keep the service running smooth, from admin and demonstration to teas & coffee and their very own mechanic! A massive thank you to all of them.

The fantastic Community First Shopmobility team at Goodwood Festival of Speed 25/06/22


You can view the full album of photos at Community First’s Facebook


Community First’s Shopmobility services are available in Fareham, Winchester, Chichester, at a variety of events, and are available for delivery if you’re going on holiday!

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