3 December 2021

Woolmer Forest Timebank Takes Action Outdoors!

Woolmer Forest Timebank

During November, Woolmer Forest Timebank – a Lottery funded project in Whitehill & Bordon, East Hampshire – has taken part in several outdoor community tasks making a real difference to local residents in the town.

The first task was to create a shared compost area and greenhouse in one of our member’s gardens. The plan is to open up its use to other Timebankers living locally.

“I had become just too busy at work to keep the garden tidy, and it seemed such a waste of valuable space for growing flowers and veg” said Timebank member and Whitehill resident, Lin Bateson who had offered to share her garden in this way.  “By inviting the Timebank Garden Gang around on a Saturday morning I got clever compost bins, a tidy greenhouse, and met new friends. Hopefully the community will benefit when members without the space they need to make compost or grow things, can come along and make use of this shared area.“

Those taking part shared skills and knowledge on the job – the do’s and don’ts of composting, how to use a bokashi bin and for some – a first experience of using a wood chipper.

Another task was in a member’s garden in Headley. A rotten trellis was removed and overgrown shrubs dug up so that, in the spring, this member can start to make her garden easier to manage as she grows older.

“I have my own garden that I enjoy, said Timebank member and Bordon resident Heather Ford who helped out with this task. “And I like to be able to support others in the community to create that happy space that they may not be able to manage themselves”.

“Timebanking is ideal for busy people,” said Claire Coxwell, Manager of Woolmer Forest Timebank. You don’t have to give time regularly. Just give an hour when you can and the unique twist is that you can take an hour back if you want to as well.”

The Woolmer Forest Timebank in Whitehill & Bordon is a network of individuals and organisations who offer support to each other and exchange skills and hobbies. For every hour you offer, you earn an hour’s time credit which you can then “spend” on yourself. You can offer something as simple as sharing a cuppa with someone, teach someone a new skill or offer practical DIY support. The opportunities are endless. Everyone is valued equally – an hour exchanged for an hour. And it is free to join!

To contact the Timebank call 01420 559030, email timebank@cfirst.org.uk or visit www.woolmerforesttimebank.org.uk

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