Fareham Organisations Only: Recruiting & Retaining Volunteers in a competitive and changing environment (Ref: 1336)


Date: 29/01/2024

Time: 10:00 - 13:00

Fareham Organisations only: £0.00

Titchfield Community Association
Mill Street
PO14 4AB

This course is being funded by Fareham Borough Council and is only open to Fareham based organisations and those delivering to the Fareham Borough.

• Recruitment of volunteers in a competitive environment. Knowing your audience will help you tailor your recruitment messages, channels and methods to appeal to their needs and desires.
• Creating volunteer roles. Making a valued proposition/statement as to why someone would want to volunteer for your organisation. Highlight the benefits and impact of volunteering. Using recruitment materials such as flyers, poster, emails, social media posts and website content. Using diverse and multiple sources of recruitment
• What skills are required for your volunteers, including inductions and training to prepare them for their roles and responsibilities. Orientation - introducing volunteers to your organisation, its mission, vision, values and policies and procedures.
• Communicate & Connect. Tips for effective communication with volunteers. Sharing information and feedback with volunteers on a regular basis. Communication and connection can help volunteers feel valued, supported, informed and engaged.
• Developing policies and essential documentation for management of volunteers.
• Recognise & Reward. Rewarding volunteers so they feel part of your organisation and recognising they are doing a worthwhile job. Recognition and reward can take many forms such as verbal or written feedback, certificates or awards, gifts or vouchers, events or celebrations, opportunities for growth or development or involvement in decision making or planning.

An Online version of this course will take place on 20th March - 10:00-13:00. Please see our website for further information and to book a place


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