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At Community First, we realise that when it comes to training, “one size does not always fit all”.

Consequently, many organisations have a specific training need that is not answered by online or off-the-shelf training programmes.

We aim to provide the best possible training and support for individuals ensuring we offer the most expert service and support to our customers and those needing our support.

Our team has extensive experience in designing and running bespoke training courses. We pride ourselves on focusing on an organisation’s unique requirements; working with you to provide courses tailored to your individual and group learning needs. You chose how the training is delivered to your team – virtual, face to face in a class-room environment, or a through hybrid blended version of both – the choice is entirely yours! Bespoke Training Courses

We have an exceptional team of highly experienced trainers who are committed to delivering quality and professional training services. Our trainers have extensive knowledge in many different fields which enable us to offer a wide variety of courses tailored to your organisation needs and budget.

Courses you might find available through Bespoke Training include Emergency First Aid, Safeguarding (entry, Level 2 and 3), De-escalation and Conflict Management, People Management and Digital Skills.

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