3 February 2023

Members / Partners’ Event and Annual General Meeting 2021/22 – Quotes & Pictures

Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual Conference! Here are some of the photos and quotes from the day. We look forward to seeing you at future events.

Kieth, Models For Heroes –

“I thought the day was very interesting and informative. I’ve taken many interesting thoughts away from it and I’ve met some people I’ll be interacting with in the future”

Steve, Blue Lamp Trust

“We’re going to be joining Community First, looking forward to the signposting in the community that we can give our professional advice and help to. We can all offer our own little piece of help but we also know people need more help and for us its being able to learn what else is out there so we can signpost people to others get that extra help.”

Mellisa, Hampshire Scouts

“Its been a really great morning to meet loads of different people from lots of different voluntary organisations and also get more information back from Community First about whats going on in the future and I think its just a really good opportunity to network with people and talk about some of the issues that we’re all going to be facing going forward.”

Liz, The Rainbow Centre Fareham

“It was a really good opportunity to connect with people in the area and to find other ways to collaborate with different charities”

Clare, Social prescriber at St Peters Surgery Woolston –

“I found today absolutely inspiring and thought-provoking. It really really gave me a feel-good factor and finding out more about all the guest speakers and what they do has been brilliant. i really enjoyed everything.”

Popi – Sawn Trust

“its been great to be given all the information from the speakers and I look forward to looking at the website and getting even more information to improve the life of my clients.”


Find out more about the support available for your group or organisation by calling us anytime on 0300 500 8085 or emailing:

Winchester & Fareham – bruce.white@cfirst.org.uk

New Forest – sarah.fawkes@cfirst.org.uk

Havant – naomi.towns@cfirst.org.uk

East Hants – gary.davis@cfirst.org.uk




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