16 February 2022

Watch Fareham and Gosport Voluntary Sector Health Forum 9 Feb 2022 Meeting

Fareham & Gosport Voluntary Sector Health Forum – Wednesday 9 February 2022

Support for Addiction, Gambling and Debt


The Fareham & Gosport Voluntary Sector Health Forum was held online on Wednesday 9 February 2022. Following on from attendees being welcomed – including GVA’s new CEO Kay Hallsworth, Community First’s Chief Executive, Tim Houghton, provided a brief Fareham and Gosport area Community & Voluntary Sector update – covering VCSE engagement in Fareham with HCC’s Adults’ Health & Care Demand Management and Prevention colleagues, Healthy Walks, Digital Champions, the postponed Health & Wellbeing event (which will now be in early July) and Gosport’s Bereavement Support.

Jonathan Crutchfield, Transformation Project Lead, working in Fareham, Hampshire, Southampton & IoW, CCG provided a CCG/PCN update. He began by explaining the role of Locality Transformation Leads – bridging NHS Healthcare (Primary) and community organisations to reduce health inequalities. They have currently been supporting the COVID programme. The local healthcare pressure continues alongside ambulance wait times at QA hospital. Vaccine ‘hotspots’ are Gosport Central PCN – 1/5 people haven’t had a booster compared to 1/10 in a Fareham PCN. Keen to deploy a roving bus model to key groups who aren’t responding. 5-11 year-olds vaccine roll-out is happening for vulnerable groups. Lower take up for the under 40’s. Janie mentioned the fear of having injections and the effects of vaccination as highlighted via social media. Also Janie mentioned her work with partners the homeless in Gosport to provide health support to those living in Gosport via a weekly drop-in service for various health issues, vaccinations… similar to Two Saints in Fareham.

Inclusion Volunteer Coordinator Sian Bowes, went on to explain about Inclusion Recovery in Hampshire, sharing some insightful data, how the service is organised, what is offered, how to access the service and who to contact for further information.

Gambling Anonymous (GA) was represented by Nas – Southern Regional Relations Officer who provided a powerful, personal account including where and how people access GA, the set-up and types of meetings and literature available.

Finally, Jacquie Stuart, Citizens Advice Fareham’s Projects Manager provided an in-depth look at interlinking impact between gambling and debt which included gambling harms, key findings from the CA ‘Out of Luck’ report, the CA’s 3-pronged approach to advice, support options and case studies that demonstrated the positive impact of CA Fareham for clients.

The Fareham & Gosport Voluntary Sector Health Forum ended by confirming the forthcoming Health Forum online meeting date and time: 1-2pm Thursday 24 March 2022.

For more information contact Jackie Hartless:- Jackie.hartless@cfirst.org.uk

Please find a copy of the meeting slides here

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