13 October 2023

Brushing up the future Warren Hub!

Part of the future ‘Warren Hub’, currently an unused building on the site of Girls and Boys Day Nursery Warren Park, was given a fresh lick of paint by a group of passionate volunteers from local company, Lockheed Martin UK, who were proud to have accomplished this in such a short space of time on their day off. The company were keen to get involved in something which would improve support for families and children in the Havant Borough, and painting the future Warren Hub (which is currently in the process of becoming a charity) was a perfect opportunity, as Hayley Sparks from the Nursery explained:

“The charity will support the community of children and parents by working together in order to help children who require additional support. We as a charity will ease the pressure of other services by implementing things earlier so that there is not such a delay. Due to high NHS waits children and families are struggling with the development and the support in how to tackle these challenges. We have groups of professionals who will be offering support. The impact will be not only on the child but on everyone around the child.”

Jagat Singh, Lead Volunteering Service Coordinator from Community First’s Volunteer First, arranged for Lockheed Martin UK to undertake this local community project, which saw a fresh coating of paint to the Hub’s reception and café area. This day was also supported by Jag’s new fellow Coordinator, Olivia May.

Rachel Garvey, Lead Volunteer from Lockheed Martin UK, shared her favourite parts of volunteering: “The feeling that you have done something worthwhile, and you can see the difference that it’s made and being able to give that back to the local community. I have volunteered doing wood clearance, beach clearance and painting. There are a couple people from the business I’ve never met and it’s nice to get the chance to work with them on this project”

The paint for this day was kindly donated by both John Rogers, Kitchen & Bathroom Advisor from Wickes Havant, and Richard Henwood, local electrician in Havant

This unused building was looking rather tired to begin with, but the team from Lockheed Martin UK made light work of giving it a much needed glow and makeover! They also found time to showcase and develop their painting and DIY skills, the ability of which was mixed amongst the group.

Clare Denton from Lockheed Martin UK said: “It makes me feel good, it’s a good way to spend your spare time.”

Danielle Gillard from Lockheed Martin UK team, shared her reasons why volunteering is important: It’s a way of giving back and it makes the world a better place. 

Joe Sissons from Lockheed Martin UK reflected on what volunteering has done for him: “It’s a good way of getting out the house; since lockdown I’ve now joined a committee volunteering. Its good fun!”

Lesley Castleton from Lockheed Martin UK shared her thought of the day: It’s a part of helping build the community!

William Ottley from Lockheed Martin UK said: “By doing this we’re helping loads of people; I like volunteering because I get to meet and work with a new bunch of people.”

Steven Parks from Lockheed Martin UK said: It’s nice because it’s a break from my usual day.



By the end of the session, Lockheed Martin UK could not have been prouder to have executed part of this bigger restoration project for the future Warren Hub, whilst embracing their talents and bonding as a team. Mark Wiseman from Warren Hub shared some final words: “I’m extremely grateful for the community contact that Jag and Olivia have provided, and very impressed how they manage to outsource contacts to come and volunteer. I’d like to express my gratitude for the admin teams and how great the communication from Jag has been in the buildup to today. The team volunteering has been incredibly friendly and enthusiastic, and they’ve done a great job today!”

Ethan Humphries & Israk Ali from Lockheed Martin UK shared their final thoughts saying:

It’s nice to get out on a Friday to help and it makes you feel good. In the grand scheme of things, it’s four hours out of our team’s day whereas it would usually take a single person a lot longer.”

“It’s good to be a part of something that will help people in the future and working towards having a nicer place for the community.”

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