17 August 2023

Communtiy Friends New Forest Highlight – Sandra

Sandra has been volunteering with us since June on a weekly basis to take her Community Friend out to enjoy the local area to support them in increasing their confidence and experiencing the local attractions.

Community Friends is a Hampshire County Council sponsored new project for 2023 being launched in the New Forest to assist those socially isolated to engage and enjoy their local community more.

Volunteer Sandra with her Community Friend at Ringwood Meeting House & History Centre.


Their favourite activity is shopping for bargains but they’ve also been to cafés, garden centres, Tuckton and down in the lift together to Southbourne beach! Sandra went in the lift free, as a carer, and all her other expenses are paid by Community Friends.

Sandra thoroughly cherishes their Wednesdays together – “It feels good to be helping someone who needs a friend and someone to trust. It gives me a sense of satisfaction. We enjoy our time together and have lots of laughs.”

Her friend also really appreciates the service – “My trips out with Sandra have enhanced my life because I don’t get out otherwise. It does a lot for my confidence and happiness. We sing in the car. When I first started with Sandra, I used my trolley for walking but now I’m walking more independently. It helps my anxiety and my general health. I look forward to Wednesdays.”

Community Friends like Sandra are helping change lives. Community Friends is here to provide friendship and facilitation of activities with these individuals so they can benefit in numerous ways, including reducing their social isolation, improving physical & emotional health and their general confidence.

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