30 January 2023

Alton Health and Wellbeing Forum – 18th January 2023

Alton Health and Wellbeing Forum – 18th January 2023

The Alton Health and Wellbeing Forum was held online on Wednesday 18th January 2023 between 2pm and 3pm.

  • Community First’s Health and Wellbeing Manager, Jackie Hartless provided a brief CVS/voluntary sector update.
  • With a number of new members joining we decided this meeting would focus on information sharing and asked everyone to introduce themselves and give a brief update on; their project, something that has gone well or challenges being faced.
  • Jackie thanked everyone for attending

If you wish to be added to the circulation list, would like more information about the partnership or would like to be involved in future meetings please email Jane via healthforums@cfirst.org.uk mentioning Alton Health and Wellbeing partnership in the subject box. You can also reach us at 07917718409.

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