1 June 2023

East Hampshire and Havant Health & Wellbeing Forum – 24 May 2023 

Downloadable presentation slides here



The (virtual) East Hampshire and Havant Health & Wellbeing Forum was held on Wednesday 24 May 2023 – with c50 attendees. Following on from attendees being welcomed, Hazel Agombar briefly mentioned that the Environment Centre are running a Clean Air Day Webinar on Thursday 15 June aimed at Clinicians and Frontline Workers – around reducing people’s exposure to Air Pollution, including national and local clinicians. (Attendees need to book a place.) 

Community First’s Chief Executive Tim Houghton, provided a Community & Voluntary Sector update. Tim updated on health inequalities, funding opportunities and Community First’s community facilities and volunteer opportunities.  

Tim then summarised the East Hampshire Health & Wellbeing Partnership’s ‘programme for action’. Tim concluded by highlighting Community First’s Wellbeing Programme, Peer Support for Long Covid, tackling health inequalities in East Hants and Havant and their Digital Champions Programme.  

Janie Millerchip, Transformation Lead (East Hampshire and Gosport), Hampshire, Southampton & IoW, Integrated Care Board (ICB) introduced herself and her role across Havant and Fareham. Janie began by mentioning Core20PLUS5, then highlighted the grants to some recent successful grants to local organisations.  

Janie then updated on the Middle Years workshop in Havant (& Gosport) the development of Surgery Pods, the Ukrainian ‘Two Colours’ Choir and Arts & Crafts Workshops in Havant – with a new Ukrainian Football club to start in the summer. Finally, Janie explained that Horizon Leisure Trust were launching a ‘Health Hub’ at the Meridian Centre and that there were successful recruitment events in East Hampshire and Havant for the Primary Care’s Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme. 

Mark Pavitt Physical Activity Officer, East Hampshire District Council and Sophie Iles, Physical Activity Project Officer, Havant Borough Council, co delivered presentations that respectively, included ‘Get Up and Go’, Wellbeing Walks, their activity programmes, a database of activities, concluding with their planned future activities. 

Tom Crowe, Sports Development Officer, Sport in Mind began by explain what Sport in Mind is and does. Tom went on to explain how to ‘get involved’ – via spreading the word, volunteering or fundraising activities. 


Dan Church, Regional Manager South, Man v Fat concluded the Health & Wellbeing Forum by describing how Man v Football Men’s Weight Loss Programme operates and where. Dan provided a range of helpful statistics, showed where in Hampshire the scheme is available, how the scoring works and how to join. 

The Health & Wellbeing Forum ended by the contributors and attendees being thanked and by confirming the next Health & Wellbeing Forum 2023-24 dates and times as follows:- 

  • Wednesday 4 October, 12.30-2.30pm (Face to Face – Market Place and Networking, East Hampshire venue TBC) 
  • Thursday 7 December, 1-2pm 
  • Wednesday 21 February 2024, 1-2pm 


For more information, please contact Jane Bray:- healthforums@cfirst.org.uk  

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