15 December 2023

East Hampshire and Havant Voluntary Sector Health & Wellbeing Forum – Thursday 7 December 2023

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The (virtual) East Hampshire and Havant Health & Wellbeing Forum was held on Thursday 7 December 2023 – with c40 attendees. Following on from attendees being welcomed, Gemma Isaj, Wellbeing Lead, Oarsome Chance, explained who the charity is and what programmes they currently deliver. Gemma provided a ‘cohort analysis’ with examples of some of the behaviours that can occur and how the students are supported – including via a ‘window of tolerance’. The presentation finished with a ‘call to action’ about how attendees could get involved.  

Community First’s Chief Executive Tim Houghton, provided a Community & Voluntary Sector update. He highlighted ‘Connect for Communities’ and ‘Community Pantries’ – including an update on HIVCA, also the Healthier Together website. Tim then gave an East Hampshire Health & Wellbeing Partnership update, he then informed attendees about a new Health Bus in East Hampshire. Tim concluded with a ‘Funding Update’. 

Dawn Buck, Deputy Director, (Patient Experience and Engagement) Southern Health Foundation Trust, introduced Project Fusion and then played a short video. After the video, Dawn encouraged attendees to get involved – suggesting they look at the Fusion website for further information. 

Emma Lance, PCN Business Manager, East Hants Primary Care Network (PCN), explained what surgeries the PCN covers and the PCN’s aims. Emma illustrated what Social Prescribing is, their PCN’s approach, the types of referrals they receive and from whom? The presentation continued with a description of the role of the PCN’s Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach – who appeared in a short video. This concluded with information about Bordon’s Youth Café. 

Next, Maria Murphy (RMN) Independent Non-Medical Prescriber Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS) described the service’s delivery model including key statistics and she then explained how to get help and risk support. Maria concluded by providing website details and information about two PACE events for 2024. 

Finally, Debs Adams, Education Lead, Simon Says Child Bereavement Support, described using a map, the geographical spread and need for the countywide charity. Debs shared some stark statistics re the frequency of childhood bereavement. She went on to describe the support that is available, the monthly support groups, who the Education Team support and the importance of having/normalising ‘difficult conversations’ around death, loss, and grief. Debs concluded by describing how attendees could ‘make a difference’. 

The Health & Wellbeing Forum ended by the contributors and attendees being thanked and by confirming the next Health & Wellbeing Forum 2024 date and time as follows:- 

Thursday 29 February 2024, 1-2pm (Support Services for Neurologically Diverse People) 

For more information, please contact Jane Bray:- healthforums@cfirst.org.uk  

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