13 February 2024

Fareham & Gosport Voluntary Sector Health Forum – 6 February 2024

You can view the full presentation of slides here

Videos from the presentation:

Slide 10: What Is Neurodiversity?

Slide 32: Why Autism is a Different, not a Deficit

Slide 33: How many questions can you answer?

Slide 34: Young people explain communication | Ambitious about Autism

Slide 35: Young people explain stimming | Ambitious about Autism

Slide 36: Young people explain meltdowns | Ambitious about Autism



The (virtual) Fareham and Gosport Voluntary Sector Health Forum was held on Tuesday 6 February 2024 – with c44 attendees. Following on from attendees being welcomed, Community First’s Chief Executive, Tim Houghton, provided a Community & Voluntary Sector update. He began with an explanation of the HCC Future Services Consultation highlighting the potential impact of proposed cuts on key community services such as CVS, Community Transport, Homelessness services… Tim continued with an update on HIVCA (Hampshire & IoW VCSE Health & Care Alliance), the Healthier Together website, Hampshire Active Health Programme, Public Health Mental Wellbeing Programme, Bereavement by Suicide service and the Fareham & Gosport Voluntary Car Scheme 

Finally, Tim provided an update on behalf of Gosport Voluntary Action – re an impact research report into ‘social deprivation, health inequalities and antisocial behaviours of young people in Gosport’, a Bereavement Support Monthly Drop-in, Local Historic Walks, a Meet the Funder event – 29 February, a Bringing Gosport Together event  – 20 March. The update concluded with Gosport’s Ukrainian Hub’spotential closure at the end of February 2024. 

Next, Zoe Beasley, Autism Partner Coordinator, Adults’ Health & Care, Hampshire County Council began by playing a short explanatory YouTube video – ‘What is Neurodiversity?’. Zoe then explained about the Hampshire Autism Partnership Board and Strategy. She described Hampshire’s Autism Demography, Health & Care Inequalities, improving accessibility & inclusion, local support services and how to support? The presentation concluded by highlighting the range of resources and additional information available. 


Tanya Egan, Chair of Trustees (& Autism Ambassador) ADHD & You – Information & Peer Support (18+) described Gosport’s (& surrounding areas) ADHD monthly Peer Support Hub, established in 2023 – including a monthly Women’s Chat Group and virtual Peer to Peer Drop-ins. The group supports adults who are diagnosed and undiagnosed &/or those supporting someone living with ADHD. Group members share some coping strategies eg mindfulness and also, they can access a quiet, safe space where like-minded people are accepted. Tanya shared some of her lived experience of ADHD and Dyspraxia since being diagnosed aged 32. The group are growing and will be outreaching more in 2024 – including by providing digital support. They are looking for funding & for more volunteers. 

Finally, Ashleigh Spice, Services Manager, Autism Hampshire began by illustrating how we all receive/understand requests differently eg when making a glass of squash… Ashleigh described her own experience pre and post diagnosis. She then explained about Autism Hampshire’s Information, Advice and Guidance services, Serendipity Community Groups, External Training and Consultancy, Specialist Mentoring Service. Ashleigh concluded by describing what help Autism Hampshire currently need eg volunteers, attending training, fundraising, by spreading the word and by encouraging people to ask questions… 


The Fareham and Gosport Voluntary Sector Health Forum ended by the contributors and attendees being thanked and by confirming the next Health Forum Webinar date and time as follows:- 

Wednesday 1 May 2024, 1-2pm  

For more information, please contact Jane Bray:- healthforums@cfirst.org.uk  


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