26 September 2022

Fareham & Gosport Voluntary Sector Health Forum – Tuesday 20 September 2022


Cost of Living; Fuel and Food Poverty – Who Can Help?

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The Fareham & Gosport Voluntary Sector Health Forum was held online on Tuesday, 20 th September 2022. Following on from attendees being welcomed, Jonathan Crutchfield, Transformation Project Lead for the Integrated Care System (ICS) in Fareham, for the Hampshire, Southampton & IoW ICS, provided an ICS update. Jonathan explained the changes over the last six weeks, including the mapping of Multi-Disciplinary Teams, in preparation for Winter Pressures regarding the proactive management of people with anticipated/planned care needs (admission avoidance). He then described what the new Integrated Care System/Board is, outlining how it works more collaboratively and makes better use of resources.


Dr. Ros Sexton (Clinical Lead, Coastal Primary Care Network (PCN) / GP Partner Brook Lane Surgery) explained that from 1st October, NHS England will announce that GP surgeries will be open
longer (but with no additional resource / no engagement with Primary Care Networks). Early morning appointments are popular at Coastal PCN; access will improve, but there are no more
appointments. The backlog in Secondary Care is a risk for Primary Care, but self-care is being promoted once again via the ‘0-18 Healthier Together’ website, whilst the value of pharmacists is
also being promoted. Flu vaccines have started for the most at risk. Face-to-face appointments are back where needed; there are less non-attendees, and there’s a better relationship with community teams now. The Social Prescribers and Health & Wellbeing Coaches are supporting patients, such as those with Type 2 Diabetes.


Jonathan then highlighted that all surgeries in Fareham and Gosport now have Surgery Pods, allowing patients to have key measurements such as BMI and blood pressure taken. There is a
YouTube video that explains more about the pods – which will be circulated to members. The Mental Health Transformation scheme has started (mainly via Southern Health), and includes, for
example, a new Mental Health Practitioner role, as part of ‘No Wrong Door’. Finally, Jonathan explained that GVA and One Community are leading on Core20+5 across Gosport and Fareham.


Dr. Robin Harlow (Clinical Director, Gosport Central PCN) provided a Gosport Central Primary Care Network (PCN) update, including details regarding the additional hours and Covid Flu vaccinations. They are continuing with recruitment and the Willow Garden (supported by local charity, Motiv8) is progressing well.


GVA’s CEO, Kay Hallsworth, provided a brief Fareham and Gosport area Community & Voluntary Sector update, sharing details about the Hampshire & IoW VCSE Health & Care Alliance (HIVCA) and the related integration of the VCSE and the new Integrated Care System (ICS), led by Action Hampshire. Community First have Health & Wellbeing Workers across the area and SE Hants.


Both Community First and GVA are working with Hampshire County Council regarding Warm Places and Warm Hubs (including digital support). The Hants & IoW Social Prescribing Network Conference will be rescheduled (now confirmed for Wednesday, 23rd November 2022). In regards to Healthy Walks, the programme is currently being updated; Jackie Hartless is Community First’s Health and Wellbeing Manager and the liaison person for more information regarding the programme, whilst Dawn Ward is the programme’s contact person/Lead Manager from GVA. There’s a new Dementia Group, called ‘My Dementia Support’. Kay Hallsworth is working with Hampshire County Council regarding the Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy, and Kay invites anyone involved/interested in this strategy to feed in anything critical to Kay. GVA has been successful in securing four years of National Community Lottery Funding. For more information on Core20+5 in Gosport, please liaise with Robin Harlow (Gosport Central PCN), Kay Hallsworth (GVA) or Angela Gill (GVA/Community First).


Valerie Kelly (Chief Officer, Citizens Advice Gosport) provided an update on fuel and food poverty across Gosport and Fareham, including the availability of both Food & Fuel Vouchers via the Fareham & Gosport Basics Bank, which are both issuing fuel vouchers for up to £157, to be paid to the provider. The British Gas Energy Trust have up to £1500 grants, whilst Citizens Advice Gosport provide Asda vouchers for food and essential items (up to £50 per child for school uniforms and £10 per person for emergency support, including for families eligible for free school meals; families with a social worker; families eligible for pupil premium; young carers or households where someone is at risk of fuel poverty; pensioners, etc). Home and Well is an award-winning countywide project that supports those in fuel poverty with energy advice: this is a partnership project which reduces stress, and is also a signposting project, connecting people with services such as befriending. Gosport Borough Council is providing grocery shop vouchers.


Citizens Advice Gosport are also part of the Gosport Food Partnership; there are other Food Pantries and Foodbanks in the Portchester and Fareham area. Citizens Advice Gosport have seen a 202% increase in people needing help, and a 300% increase in people needing good bank support. Benefits claims are being rejected; Citizens Advice Gosport has an Advocacy Support service to support appeals/attend tribunals. Please do refer people: this can be set up seamlessly. Contact Val Kelly or Biddy Mayo for more information.


Gosport Food Pantry (part of Gosport Borough Football Club) are also members of the Gosport Food Partnership (GFP). The GFP webpage is being launched at GVA’s AGM/Community Voice
Forum. Details of the GFP membership were explained, ie. £5 = £15 of food, bakery, fruit and veg are free. People have a choice. An amazing 8000 bags were delivered to households in need locally during lockdown. The Pantry offers a free recipe bag each week and sometimes there are cookery sessions. They want to continue links with other community groups – in interested, please do get in touch with Debra Redpath (Gosport Food Pantry). The food used helps local people access healthy food whilst reducing landfill, encouraging the growing of fruit and veg. Woodsy’s Community Pantry in Portchester was highlighted, as were the Waypoint Hub Community Pantry, the Hampshire Food Revolution (CIC) hosted at the Henry Court School, and the Gosport Trash Café on Stoke Rd, Gosport (payment is by a donation).


The Fareham & Gosport Voluntary Sector Health Forum ended by confirming the next Voluntary Sector Health Forum online date and time: 1-2pm, 14 February 2023.

For more information contact Jackie Hartless:- Jackie.hartless@cfirst.org.uk

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