15 June 2023

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Social Prescribing Network Webinar – 14 June 2023

Presentation slides are available here



On Wednesday 14 June 2023 c78 people attended the Hants & IoW Social Prescribing Network’s (HSPN) Webinar ‘The Changing Landscape and Role of Social Prescribing’ 

After new and existing HSPN members & guests were welcomed, Tim Houghton, Community First’s CEO, started by highlighting the role and value of engaging with the local Council for Voluntary Services (CVS) countywide to access a range of local organisations and the recruitment of volunteers as there are many volunteers out there. He went on to highlight that it was ‘Loneliness Awareness Week’ – stating that there’s a high proportion of younger people including young parents who are socially isolated, there are great projects out there. Community Friends is one project that Community First are delivering related to social activities/engagement in the New Forest. Tim concluded by providing information on the current range of funding opportunities.  

Jessica Berry, Personalised Care Programme Lead, Hampshire & IoW Integrated Care Board began by providing an interim Integrated Care Strategy update – explaining about the 5 Priorities and key areas of focus. Jessica went on to discuss ‘Social Connectedness’ with a ‘call to action’ concluding with some Social Prescribing updates and training opportunities. 

Esther Watts, SE Lead for Thriving Communities, National Academy for Social Prescribing (NASP) described NASP’s role and 5 Ambitions. Esther then explained about the Thriving Communities Programme and concluded by demonstrating the need and value of the regional Social Prescribing Mapping project – encouraging all Social Prescribers to engage and add their details. 

Finally, Jane Majidzadeh, Wellbeing Team Manager, Meon Health Practice, introduced herself and the team she manages. Jane highlighted some of the barriers the team have faced, going on to explain the importance of collaboration to developing their outreach and  services. The value of working with volunteers was illustrated alongside a range of the activities that have been developed. The presentation concluded by Jane sharing some positive feedback from those who have taken part in the drop-ins and other activities. 

An engaged audience added observations &/or questions via ‘Chat’. The next Hants & IoW Social Prescribing Network Webinar will be on Wednesday 27 September 2023, 1-2pm. Please contact Jane Bray – healthforums@cfirst.org.uk to register if you are not an HSPN member and would like to attend &/or be kept up-to-date. 



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