9 June 2023

Carers Week Highlight: New Forest Young Carers

This Carers Week 2023, we’d like to highlight the amazing young people of our New Forest Young Carers programme.

We support children from 7 to 18 years old with a caring responsibility for a family member.  This could be anything from a Mum with MS, a Dad with bipolar or a brother with Autism and behavioural problems.

Because of this Young Carers can miss out on a regular childhood. We have the very rewarding role to help them and their families get the support they need to cope with their worries and life at home, while also giving them the chance to have fun and be a child through our many trips and activities.


Don’t just take out word for it though, here is what our amazing Young Carers and their parents have to say:

“Thank you for inviting me to youth club.  It was fun and I didn’t realise how many people at my school were Young Carers.  It’s good to know I’m not alone, and we’ve been chatting more at school now as well” 


“Going out with Young Carers is a chance to be a kid and not have any responsibilities.  I love being a Young Carer, but sometimes it’s just nice to be me.” 


 “Thank you for coming to see me and listening to me and my worries.  It’s really helped.  I know I didn’t want to share with Mum as she’s dealing with a lot but I will do now as I know she’s just going to worry about me anyway.  And I will try and do some fun things for myself and see my friends more – you’re right, I need to still do things I would normally” 


“My daughter has been struggling recently and I’ve worried about her and whether she’s coping.  Talking to you and going through her support options has really helped.  She’s going to the school counsellor now as well and seems a lot happier than she has been” 


“Your activities have helped my son to become more sociable.  He is starting to feel like he can come out of his shell. He is beginning to understand that my disability is not going to affect his life as much, thanks to your services.  He is beginning to connect with other children in your group . This is great help for his mental health. I can’t emphasise how much I appreciate your help” 

“It was nice to have fun and enjoy myself for a change without worrying about home.  It’s good to get out and try new things and meet new people.  I feel much happier and more relaxed than I did at the start of the day” 


“Thank you so much for giving a space to my daughter.  She desperately needs more clubs/ activities like this as it has a huge impact on her socialisation and I can see just from today she’s more chatty this afternoon.”  


 “Aww these pictures are amazing thank you so much. They made me cry knowing she is doing things for herself thank you so much.” 


 “My daughter loved it. The first morning she cried – didn’t want to go and then the second morning, everything had changed and she told me to go and she would be ok.  It was nice for her to be looked after in a happy environment.  She made friend with a girl who has similar home troubles and we are planning to meet up.  Thank you for helping her”   


 “The course was fantastic; my daughter has come back so enthusiastic about sailing as well as watersports in general. She really loved her time out on the water and learnt loads and keen to learn more. I would like to thank them so much for this opportunity, being a young carer is challenging as we well know, but out on the water she found some freedom as well as independence.” 

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