18 February 2022

East Hampshire and Havant Health & Wellbeing Forum 17 February 2022

East Hampshire and Havant Health & Wellbeing Forum – Wednesday 17 February 2022

Support for Addiction, Gambling and Debt


The East Hampshire and Havant Health & Wellbeing Forum was held online on Wednesday 17 February 2022 – with c46 attendees. Following on from attendees being welcomed, Tim Houghton, CE, Community First provided a Community & Voluntary Sector update – starting with progress re the Integrated Care System in terms of delivering better joined up services and new ways of partnership working. There is a VCSE Alliance led by colleagues at Action Hampshire and a series of Working Groups re the countywide, integrated service, do share your thoughts. This will now start in July as services are re-starting, recruiting new volunteers, as we adjust to new ways of workings and activities. There is also an East Hampshire Health and Wellbeing Partnership – similar to Havant for strategic conversations. Wellbeing Workers are extending and supporting referrals – there are conversations with Health and Social Care colleagues. There is also a roll-out of ‘Digital Champions’ across the area who will work with those who are digitally excluded including with equipment.

Jason Peett, Locality Director, Medicines Management, SE Hampshire, NHS Hampshire, Southampton & IoW, CCG provided a CCG/PCN update. He began by reflecting upon the past 2 years of the Covid pandemic. There have been unprecedented levels of infection over the Christmas period as a local system and hospitals are still under pressure on urgent care services ED and Primary Care – who have done extremely well re vaccinations (3.6m doses locally) with new treatments too. GPs are open and busy. There are vaccine inequalities that are being focussed upon. Surgery Pods will be implemented in some local GP surgeries.

Inclusion Volunteer Coordinator Sian Bowes, went on to explain about Inclusion Recovery in Hampshire, sharing some insightful local and data, how the service is organised, what is offered, how to access the service and who to contact for further information.

Gambling Anonymous (GA) was represented by Nas – Southern Regional Relations Officer who provided a powerful, personal account including where and how people access GA, the set-up and types of meetings and literature available.

Finally, Helen Drake, Citizens Advice East Hampshire’s CE explained using local data about the impact of cost-of-living debt on mental and physical health focussing upon the East Hampshire region. Helen summarised some of the JSNA links between wellbeing and material wellbeing, the impact on health and how CA supports clients with these and many other issues via a range of services and projects. Jon Stuart, Citizens Advice Havant’s CE then provided some illuminating UK statistical data about compulsive gambling. Jon highlighted the Gambling Act, the impact of compulsive gambling in the Havant area, concluding by describing what CA Havant could bring to the table to help further.

Please find a copy of the webinar slides below.


The East Hampshire and Havant Health & Wellbeing Forum ended by asking for future theme ideas and confirming the forthcoming Health Forum online meeting date and time as 1-2pm Tuesday 5 April 2022.

For more information please contact Jackie Hartless:- Jackie.hartless@cfirst.org.uk

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