6 October 2022

East Hampshire and Havant Health & Wellbeing Forum – 29th September 2022

Cost of Living; Fuel and Food Poverty – Who Can Help?

The full presentation


Approximately thirty-five attendees joined the East Hampshire Health & Wellbeing Forum at the Beacon Church in Havant, for a challenging and inspiring inaugural Health & Wellbeing Forum entitled ‘Cost of Living; Fuel and Food Poverty – Who Can Help?


The engaging presenters included:

  • Tim Houghton, Chief Executive of Community First
  • Sam Mitchell & Sarah Taylor, Transformation Project Leads of East Hants & Havant Integrated Care Board
  • Susan Parish, Business Manager of Park Community School
  • Helen Drake, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice East Hampshire




Many of the attendees stayed on afterward for some valuable information sharing and face-to-face networking. Thank you to everyone who attended.


The next Health and Wellbeing Forum will be held virtually:

Tuesday 7 February 2023, 1-2pm.


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