20 September 2023

Fareham & Gosport Voluntary Sector Health Forum – Wednesday 13 Sept 2023

Networking & Market Place Health Forum

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The first post-Covid Fareham and Gosport Voluntary Sector face-to-face Health Forum was held on Wednesday 13 September at Gateway Church, Fareham – with 56 attendees. There were 25 Health Forum member organisations represented who provided a range of valuable information via their Market Stalls.

Following on from attendees being welcomed, Community First’s Chief Executive, Tim Houghton, started by launching the new Health Forum logo! He then provided both a countywide and a Fareham & Gosport Community and Voluntary Sector update.

Neil Cotton, Community Involvement Officer, Hampshire, Southampton & IoW, Integrated Care Board (ICB) introduced himself and provided an update for Gosport, Fareham and also, about the current ICB remodeling.

Valerie Rossiter, Chair, Fareham & Gosport District Branch Parkinsons’ UK, provided insightful information about the challenges for those living with Parkinsons’ and how this local group helps its members.

Theresa Pratt, CEO, Blue Lamp Trust, explained about the Bobby scheme, safety and security checks and the equipment that is available for vulnerable adults.

The Health Forum finished with members providing updates about their local services and/or up & coming events. There was then an opportunity for Health Forum members to network before the Health Forum closed.

The next Fareham and Gosport Voluntary Sector Health Forum will be:

Thursday 30 November 2023 1-2pm (virtual). For more information, please contact Jane Bray:- healthforums@cfirst.org.uk


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