7 July 2022

Thursday Throwback – Platinum Jubilee Lunch Out

Community First were proud to support a Platinum Jubilee event to take a group of older residents of the Gosport Borough to a Tea Party at Morrisons Gosport.

The event was planned by Gosport Voluntary Action, hosted by Morrisons Gosport, with Community First providing the free transport for eight of Gosport’s more socially isolated on the 30th of May. The event was attended by not just the eight guests but also Cllr Jamie Hutchison, Mayor of Gosport and his wife, Mrs Karen Hutchinson, the Mayoress, several GVA staff alongside Community First driver, Ed.

The event was a great success with good times all around and we’re thankful we were able to be a part of it and help enable such a lovely day.


One of the guests – “I recently lost my wife. We’d been married for 70 years. I miss her dreadfully. It’s been really nice to have been here this afternoon. I’d considered putting it off, but I’m so glad I came.”



It was especially wonderful to be part of the Jubilee celebration as it’s similar to Community First’s Tea & Tiffin service in which a minibus shuttle service is provided door to door to users to go to cafes, pubs, garden centres, and more, to enjoy a lunch or morning out socialising. Being able to replicate this service for such a celebration with new people is great. No one deserves to feel lonely.


CF CEO, Tim Houghton had this to say – “We’re delighted to be able to offer transport to those who are lonely and isolated to join in the Jubilee celebrations.  Loneliness affects many people at one time or another and often it’s as simple as laying on accessible transport with a friendly driver to help people access opportunities and socialise with friends.  Community First’s Community Transport is a real lifeline, particularly for those who find it more difficult to get out and about and remember we operate Dial A Ride and other affordable services throughout the year.  For more details please see https://www.cfirst.org.uk/community-transport/call-go-and-dial-a-ride/dial-a-ride-fareham-and-gosport or call our friendly team on 01329 223151″


Find Gosport Voluntary Action‘s article here:

Jubilee party fun for local older residents


Find out more about our Dial A Ride and Tea & Tiffin services.

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