START offers a confidential specialist counselling and support service for anyone who has experienced unwanted sexual abuse and / or sexual assault and has suffered sexual trauma. The service is specifically for people who live in Central and North Hampshire although the service can offer specialist private counselling outside this geographic area. The service is inclusive offering its trauma counselling regardless of age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity or cultural and religious background. The type and duration of any counselling and / or support varies and is agreed upon at the outset of the service delivery.

START was originally set up in 1995 to provide a free, confidential helpline and one-to-one counselling for women and men over the age of 18 who have experienced sexual abuse, sexual violence or rape, at any time in their lives. It now also provides help for under-18s as well. Our main offices are in Winchester in central Hampshire, but we geographically cover the Central and North Hampshire areas with access to counselling hubs in Andover at The Bridge and in Basingstoke.

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